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Copyright - 2008 Ventilators Plus
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Babylog 8000 Ventilator
12 Month PM Service

Parts & Labor

Babylog 8000 Ventilator
2 Year PM Service

Labor Only
$300 + Parts
12 Months        Inspection, Calibration & Performance Verification

2 Years   PM Kit, Calibration & Performance Verification

4 Years    Time-Keeper RAM Replacement

6 Years    Overhaul Service

2 Years    Oxygen Capsule Replacement
Babylog 8000 - Preventive Maintenance

Babylog 8000 Ventilator
4 Year PM Service

Parts & Labor
Call for Pricing
Prices are subject to change without notice
Babylog 8000
Specializing in Multi-Vendor Ventilators. We provide full service including overhauls, repairs, field service and maintenance service.  Over 20 years experience serving Southern California. 

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VP-15  Oxygen Sensor
Drager Babylog 8000 Ventilator
VP-15 Oxygen Sensor Capsule
16 Month
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